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2018 Wrap Up

Hi folks- It sure has been a minute since I last imparted my real estate knowledge on you.  The last several months I have been investing in my career development in addition to helping people buy and sell homes.  I am happy to announce that I earned my Associate Brokers license just a couple weeks […]

Deeds, Title and Other Things Adults Should Know

Deeds…. we really don’t even think of this all powerful piece of paper unless we are buying or selling a home.  It sits safely tucked away in our home file cabinet, safe or safety deposit box.  Or perhaps in that stack of random papers if you are less Type A than others of us.  So […]

That’a a Wrap!

Bye Felicia.  That’s what some of you are saying about the year 2017.  This past year has brought about challenges for many.  There have been life changes like death and divorce, unexpected moves, illness, job loss.  You name it, you know someone who is oh so happy to see 2017 be a thing of the […]

Tis the Season! Holiday Events Around Metro Atlanta

Fa la la la la!  It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Living in such close proximity to a metropolis ensures that there are  holiday opportunities in every area of town.  I’ve searched high and low and have come up with a list that will surely bring my local friends joy this […]

Dream or Reality. What Is Your Pricing Strategy?

The big question…. what’s your home worth?  Really, the answer is simple.  It’s worth what someone will pay for it.  If I had to prioritize a sellers valuation of their own home the overwhelming first factor would be profit.  At what price can I list that brings the biggest return on their investment.  Did you […]

Caveat Emptor

Do you know what those two little words mean?  Caveat Emptor.  Well you should if you buy or sell real estate in the state of Georgia.  Many other states also abide by this Latin term.  I’ll save you the google time.  It means ‘let the buyer beware’.  It’s actually a portion of a larger sentence […]

Mission Critical Spending

It’s time to sell your home.  So many scenarios can lead to this conclusion.  The economy finally recovered enough that you are no longer under water with your mortgage.  You had just one more kid and now your place is popping at the seams.  Maybe you just plain old want a change of scenery.  Whatever the […]

Contact or Connect?

I just got your text.  There is a home you want to see that just came on the market. Your question is, can I meet you at the property and see it tonight at 7. My natural response is YES!  I sure can!  I’m a helpful, accommodating person.  Unfortunately, a quick YES isn’t best for […]

Atlanta Summer Fun

Kids are out of school.  Now what?  No one wants to look at these sad faces everyday and hear the dreaded words “I’m bored.”  For my poor kids the response is always, “only boring people get bored.” One of the greatest struggles of the summer is finding entertainment that doesn’t break the bank.  We have […]