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2018 Wrap Up

Hi folks- It sure has been a minute since I last imparted my real estate knowledge on you.  The last several months I have been investing in my career development in addition to helping people buy and sell homes.  I am happy to announce that I earned my Associate Brokers license just a couple weeks […]


Deeds, Title and Other Things Adults Should Know

Deeds…. we really don’t even think of this all powerful piece of paper unless we are buying or selling a home.  It sits safely tucked away in our home file cabinet, safe or safety deposit box.  Or perhaps in that stack of random papers if you are less Type A than others of us.  So […]


Gaining Perspective While the Sky is Falling- Rising Mortgage Rates

Remember that old folk tale Henny Penny?  An acorn falls on her head and she thinks the sky is falling!  Sometimes the smallest catalyst can create the biggest hysteria.  I am beginning to sense that some of us have that mentality as we see mortgage interest rates increase.  Some of you are starting to panic a […]


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